Mathematic Club


Chess Club

In Chess Club, members learn, socialize, and play in an atmosphere of friendly competition. After completing a tutorial, students are matched with competitors of the same skill level. Then, using our exclusive online chess system, the online games begin. Students can even participate in our annual tournament using the exclusive Connections Academy gaming site.

Math Club I

Math Club I allows students to expand their math skills by playing interactive games using the First in Math® website. As they play, students reinforce a wide range of skills from simple addition to algebra. Students set the pace of their work and earn points as they master various concepts geared to their grade level. Monthly LiveLesson® sessions provide students the opportunity to practice math skills and reinforce learning in an engaging and interactive forum. Math Club I is open to students in grades K–8.

Math Club II - Math Olympiad

Math Club II invites fourth through eighth graders to compete in the International Math Olympiad. These gifted and talented math students meet twice a month: first to review high-level problem-solving strategies and techniques, and next to apply their skills in the official competition and accrue points that will determine annual winners.