Publishing Club


Pen Pals Skills

Pen Pals is a new twist on a classic way to build friendships. Students develop their skills in letter writing, written expression, and penmanship, while making friends with other Connections Academy students. The Pen Pal Club is open to students in all grades.

Student Literary Magazine — Pens and Lens

This monthly web-based literary magazine recognizes and publishes original student work. This recognition encourages and inspires others to pursue both writing and photography. Student writers and photographers in all grade levels are able to join Pens and Lens.

Poetry Corner

Poetry Corner challenges middle and high school students with various advanced poetic forms. Students learn how to convey ideas, situations, and feelings in inventive and original ways. Lessons teach students how to communicate ideas using metaphors, similes, and imagery. Students are encouraged to share their poetry twice a month during LiveLesson® sessions as well as in online forums. Poetry Corner is open to students in grades 6–12.