Mrs. Batul Maniar


Letter of Introduction:Mrs. Batul Maniar,


Dear SFSE, Parents,Students, and Staff

It is with honor and great pleasure that I greet you as the principal of South Florida School Of Excellence.

The 21st century’s first clinical/educational school in South Florida where all major therapies are provided at one facility, students’ academic and social emotional needs are met with fullest potential. SFSE has gained  tremendous success, the results have not materialized by accident. It has been through the hard-work,dedication, loyalty and partnerships that have existed between staff, parents, clinical professionals,and the most important stakeholders in the equation,the student body.This formula for success is what has embraced me from the very beginning when I walked through the doors of our facility and the most appreciative of the opportunity presented to me to serve families and children of our community.

My passion for education and supporting the success of all students has been shaped over the past 17 years as a teacher, exceptional student educational specialist, psych-educational specialist, professional development trainer but , I consider my most important job to be that of a child advocate and concede the needs of individual students with beyond of my abilities. In each of my roles, I have sought to ensure the success of each student and the school, by providing the best educational instructions, mental health support and extracurricular opportunities.

Similarly, it is my number one priority at SFSE to ensure that every student receives the best-rounded academic education and social emotional needs possible. I will spend time with your children, getting to know their personalities, learning styles and interests. I will celebrate their successes, small and large. I will encourage them every day and let them know they are valued and have a special place in our school community. 

I holds a Master’s of Science in Exceptional Student Education (ESE, KG- 12th grade) with autism Certification, through Barry University and Masters of Arts in Education. In addition, I am certified in Child Care Personal Professional Development (CDA) in Preschool Appropriate Practices, Introduction to Child Care, Behavioral Observations and Screenings.

As the instructional leader of ours school, I enthusiastically embrace the task of continuing to utilize fiscal,human, and material resources at my disposal to ensure that students are prepared with the necessary tools to be productive citizens as they write the next chapter of their educational lives moving toward high school,post-secondary education,and/or the workforce. I realize that differentiated,rigorous,and relevant instruction that meets the needs of each student will be the vehicle to continuing the success that has been experienced.The learning environment must be as safe and secure as possible for all students, staff, and support personnel. A team approach most definitely is necessary to create and maintain that desired learning environment.

I look forward to the exchange of ideas as we all work in harmony much like a symphony to create educational masterpieces for many years to come.


“We belief the future of a democratic and global society lies in the development of the hearts and minds of its children.”