Preparatory Program Kindergarten Through 12th Grade


Our college prep curriculum is designed to encourage critical thinking while improving each student’s academic abilities and study skills.

South Florida School of Excellence’s commitment to combine educational innovation and proven academic traditions assures that our course work remains rigorous, relevant to the emerging world beyond the classroom, motivates our students and is a key element producing our students’ high degree of academic and social success. Reviewed regularly, our curriculum remains current with today’s technological and social demands.

Introduced in kindergarten and continuing through every grade level to high school graduation, the curriculum is an integrated approach that recognizes the role rigorous educational standards play in creating both academic and personal success for our students and prepare them to meet our world’s challenges. Each of the core content area curriculums meet and exceed State of Florida Sunshine State Standards, and nationwide educational performance standards – public or private.

Our Kindergarten students are taught using our ‘hands on’ and exploratory approach to learning the early concepts that set in place a strong academic foundation for reading and math.

Elementary children are creative and receptive. South Florida School of Excellence’s teachers strive to nurture these qualities. Using methods and materials that encourage the development of the whole child, South Florida School of Excellence’s teachers create opportunities for personal achievement. Our children learn individually, in small groups, and with the entire class. The classroom is center based, offering children choices in art, gardening, science, language, reading, readiness, fine and gross motor activities.

The curriculum then continues through middle and high school as an individually designed college preparatory curriculum, as the teaching faculty initiate appropriate learning experiences in low student-teacher ratio classrooms that reflect South Florida School of Excellence’s long-range educational goals.

Designed to develop every student’s ability to effectively use a variety of methods to learn, speak about, and represent their new knowledge in written form, the curriculum also increases our students’ ability to work with others, plan the use of their time and energy and apply their acquired reasoning capacity to a wide range of academic situations while organizing and utilizing a variety of materials.

South Florida School of Excellence encourages our students to achieve these important skills by involving them in decision-making and problem-solving situations throughout the school day. Our teachers support these decisions and encourage them to extend learning beyond the school day.

South Florida School of Excellence also provides many opportunities for our students to do advance work. South Florida School of Excellence offers a select level of honors level classes, and AP classes.