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South Florida School of Excellence - General & Special Education - Gifted & Autism Center is the first Dade County's Clinical/Educational school is perfectly designed an independent, non-sectarian, and co-educational school for grades Kg through 12th grades, with the capacity of 200 students - Pre K-3 & Pre K-4, (Coming Soon). The School campus has 60,746 square feet in size accommodate a logical separation of the facility and outdoor recreational area. Gated school entrance with 24/7 security guard and surveillance cameras are installed inside and outside the facility. Surveillance cameras are installed in the Autism and Special Needs classrooms as well.

The South Florida School of Excellence is the first and only “One Stop Shop” clinical/educational setting of the “Multi-Dimensional Model”  located in South Florida.  The school is dedicated to serving the educational and social-emotional needs of all students, including those who are Average, At Risk, have Disabilities, Gifted, Autistic and Asperger.

The school provides well structured, academically focused classes with high rigor curricula for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM), Project Based Learning (PBL) and Community Based Learning (CBL) skills for college readiness. Instructions offer a unique combination of the personalized curriculum from highly qualified special needs instructors and assistive therapies from certified contracted professionals to comprehensively serve the intellectual, physical, and emotional needs of every general and special needs student.

Additionally, the school comprehensively provides a major out patient therapies under one roof:

Psychological Evaluations, Mental Health Therapy, Speech and Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Applied Behavioral Therapy, Physical Therapy, Student Case Management Services, Vocational Rehabilitation Training, Nutrition Monitoring, Dental and Vision screenings by licensed providers/sub-contractors. School professional strives to prepare students for productive and successful entry into higher education and the workforce.

School also offers clubs, organizations, and multiple extracurricular activities on and off campus likewise:

Environmental Club, Science Fair Club, Publishing Club, Spelling Bee Club, Vocabulary Bee Club, Politician Association Club, College and Career Prep Clubs, Safety Patrols, Student Council, Music, Chorus, Drama, Dance, Gymnastics, Arts, Karate, Soccer Club and more.

Before & After & Summer School Programs

“We believe the future of a democratic and global society lies in the development of the hearts and minds of its children.”


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