Autism Spectrum Disorder - All Ages Workshops

South Florida School of Excellence workshops are open to Parents, Professionals and Students ages 18 years and up.  Workshops are free of charge and will provide hands-on material and Instruction in both English and Spanish Languages. To reserve your seat please email

(Please note there is no child care available) – All topic dates and location will be announced accordingly for 2021-2022 school year

  1. Applied Behavior Analysis and its uses at Home & School Settings
    Verbal Behavior and the use of Reinforcements
    Manding: ("mand" comes from the word "command") How Do I Teach It?
    Application of Discrete Trial Training (DTT) for my Child
  2. Strategies for Teaching Daily Living Skills ABLLS
    Review of my child Daily Living Skills “Check List” for Vocational Abilities
    Transition to Post Secondary and Work Force
  3. The Difference Between Speech & Language/Developing
    Your Child’s Speech: “Will my child learn to talk?”
    Use of Augmentative Communication Devices & Picture Exchange Communication System
    My Child Hate to Read and Hate to Write” What Shall I do?”
  4. Managing Behavior in Public
    How Can: “I Get him/her to Stop on Unacceptable Behavior?”
    What Every Child with Autism Needs “Safety Skills”
    Social Skills Training (SST)
  5. Increasing Pretend Role Play Skills Maintaining & Generalizing Response to improve Choice Making Skills
    What are Social Stories and Video Modeling?
    Talking to Your Neuro-typical Children about ASD
  6. Difference between Autism & Misbehavior (Do I Understand Fully?)
    Using Verbal Praise & Approval Effectively
    Using Natural Consequences to Teach Your Child
  7. Dealing with Self-Stimulatory Behaviors
    How to Comport my Child with his/her Sensory Stimulation Needs
    Can he/she will overcome with Stereotype Behavior
    Creating My Child Centered Activities to Occupy His/ Her Time
  8. How Can I help my Child Sleep Issues?
    Increasing Food Acceptance in My Child & Nutrition Monitoring
    Help with Potty Training & Personal Hygiene
  9. My Secret Space Sex
    Masturbation & Menstrual
    Maintaining of Personal Relationships with Opposite Gender & Boundaries
  10. Develop a Happy Life while raising a child with Autism
    How Friends, Families and Siblings can Support Child with Autism
    Autism Support Groups- “Let me Join”
  11. Autism Special Needs Trust & Scholarships
    Autism Boarding Schools & Housing
    Medicaid Compliance & Benefits & Uses