Dress Code


This dress code is consistent and includes the requirements of the South Florida School of Excellence Code of Student Conduct, “Dress Code”


Option 1: LOCATION To Purchase Uniform: 

Ibiley Uniforms 

4359 W 16th Ave, Hialeah, FL 33012

Phone: (305) 625-8050 


              (Monday through Thursday)

  •   Approved colors – Orange and Navy Blue-
  •  Collared, “Polo” (short or long sleeve) – solid colors 
  •  Material must be cotton, twill blend or corduroy (No spandex, lycra leggings, jeans, or nylon sports pants.)
  •  Friday: Hobby Club T-shirt (available for sale at office for $15.00) with ANY color appropriate jeans


  •  Girls: Pre-k-3 to 3rd Grades
    Approved colors – SOLID NAVY or SOLID KHAKI
  •  Girls: 4th Grade- 12th Grades
    Approved colors – SOLID NAVY or SOLID KHAKI
  •  May wear shorts, culottes and jumpers MUST be LONGER than knee length- optional choices BLACK stockings or leggings


  •  May wear shorts, pants, capris pants, in solid colors. Must NOT be shorter than mid-thigh.


  •  Sneakers ANY color; however must be free of offensive language or religious imagery.


Students may wear a cardigan, sweatshirt or zip front jacket in ANY of the approved  colors, for daily wear (some classrooms are cold).  On “extreme” weather days, such as thunderstorms or cold, students may wear whatever outerwear is necessary for adequate weather protection.


Exemptions to the unified dress code policy will include the wearing of uniforms of a nationally recognized organization, such as the Boy Scouts or the Girl Scouts on scheduled meeting days; a costume or special clothing that is deemed necessary for a school activity/play or other school sponsored program.