Science Fair Club


A Science Fair is another exciting way to involve students, parents, and the community in our school. First students need to select an area of study in science and decide upon a problem they would like to solve. They will create a hypothesis (If /Then statement), then use the scientific process to test it. Finally, students develop a way to display their findings (graphs, pictures, etc.) and demonstrate their testing results.

Science Club gives students hands-on experience working with the scientific method, planning experiments, and observing the world in which we live. This club encourages members to identify the ways science affects their lives and their community. Students are taught the proper components of a science fair presentation so they can compete in a local science fair or share their project with other club members at the end of the school year. The Science Club is open to students in grades 3rd through 12th grade.


The student’s kitchen doubles as a laboratory where he or she will conduct safe, simple experiments, then discuss them online with fellow students. Students complete a variety of hands-on experiments exploring density, buoyancy, color, light, plants, and pressure. As experiments are completed, students post their findings on our online Message Boards. Throughout the year, students will learn the importance of each experiment and its impact on modern-day life. The Science in the Kitchen Club is open to students in grades Kindergarten through 8th grade.