School Improvement Plans (SIP)

Our strategy is anchored to a simple but bold vision – to prepare our Average, At Risk, Gifted and Autism children to become productive members of their families and the community.

One way in which we are working to achieve that goal is through the School Improvement Plan (SIP), a unique plan, refined annually, that defines a school’s targeted work to raise achievement for all of its students. These plans are the driving force behind the theory of change in our Average, At Risk, Gifted and Autism children.

This is the first year that we have developed a unique SIP, with input from staff, families, community members and district administration. Each plan includes a set of key strategies aimed at measurable, research-based goals, monitored throughout the year, in the following six areas:

  • Effective school-based leadership
  • Student achievement
  • High-quality instructional practice
  • High-quality professional learning
  • High-quality facility
  • Family and community engagement
Current School Improvement Plan

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