Clubs & Sports

South Florida School of Excellence strongly believe to provide each student the opportunity to unfold their potential and to prepare themselves for future leaders. We believe that all students are unique and have special talents and abilities.

Students will explore variety of extracurricular activities:

  •    Environmental Club
  •   Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics Club
  •   Science Fair Club
  •   Spelling & Vocabulary Bee Club
  •   Academic Bee Club
  •   Project based Learning Club
  •   Publishing Club
  •  College and Career Prep Clubs
  •  Literary Club
  •   Student Council Club
  • Politician Association Club
  •   Multicultural Club
  •   Safety Patrol Club
  •  Mathematics Club
  •   Arts & Crafts Club
  •   Music Club
  •   Chorus Club
  •   Drama Club
  •  Dance Club
  •   Gymnastics Club
  •   Martial Arts Club
  •   Soccer Club
  •  Fitness Club
  •  Year Book Club
  •  Gamer Club
 Clubs Reward Points System:

We strive to develop intrinsic motivation and create wholeness for students so they can meaningfully participate in life. Students will be divided into clubs. Through out the school year clubs will compete with each other via variety of activities to earn points. At the end of the school year a winner club will declare themselves a winner to earn championship trophy .