Academic Intervention Kindergarten through 12th Grade


Academic Intervention Due to a Possible Learning delay

We accept elementary through High School students whose abilities indicate the need for academic intervention and support due to a possible learning delay.

To be considered for enrollment in the Summit Program, students must have average to above-average intelligence with a possible learning delay.

Summit Program students interact and study as part of the mainstream. South Florida School of Excellence school’s community, while receiving individualized attention and instruction using the Summit Program instructional schedule. Summit Program teachers work collaboratively with the students’ mainstream teachers to ensure that the professionally prescribed classroom modifications are being provided in all educational settings.


The specialized Summit Program curriculum incorporates the application of multiple intelligence strategies proven to produce results. An individual curriculum is developed to address each student’s learning style, ability level, and requirements.

The curriculum is concentrated on the following areas:
  • Intensive Language Arts
  • Intensive Reading
  • Intensive Mathematics

The Summit Program begins with an extensive student assessment – both formal and informal. By utilizing diagnostic assessment tools, standardized testing results, and anecdotal observations an Individual Educational Plan is developed and used to carefully craft a teaching approach designed to meet each individual’s identified educational needs. Then, each student’s Academy Program is regularly reviewed during the year to ensure that needed skill remediation is taking place while the student continues to be challenged – using a combination of services designed to maximize academic growth. Supported by our Academic Mastery Program, our Summit students are guided as they achieve their academic requirements.


Our Intensive Language Arts curriculum teaches Academy Program students vital techniques and strategies designed to improve critical thinking skills and their ability to express ideas in an organized way both orally and while writing. The course curriculum emphasizes skill-appropriate instruction concentrating on grammar, usage, and language mechanics. Expository reading, note taking, outlining, expository writing, and creative writing are included in the curriculum.


The Academy Programs' Intensive Reading curriculum, taught at individually determined instructional levels and based on nationally developed standards, provides instruction to develop and improve reading fluency and comprehension. By using a variety of individually selected materials, the curriculum also focuses on vocabulary development in the core content areas, research skills, critical thinking, reading strategies, and test taking skills. The student learns to develop a personal reading approach that will support success in the classroom and beyond by building confidence in their abilities to manage the many reading tasks students and adults face each day.


Through a combination of direct instruction, group work, and selected practice, Intensive Mathematics provides students with the means and methods to improve mathematical calculation and reasoning. Test-taking strategies, problem interpretation and solving, as well as evaluation guided skill drills are all selected at an individual level to enhanceeach student’s abilities in the classroom and extend that ability to real-world situations.


Our Summit Preceptors, like our Prep School Preceptors, supervise students during a regularly schedule Precept Hall to make sure the students are putting in enough time to successfully learn their subject area work, that students have their questions answered to immediately to correct any confusion about their assigned work.