Anime Club



Anime club is an after school activity which aims to bring The South Florida School Of Excellence’s student body together and broaden their understanding of the inherently deep culture of Japan.

To accomplish this, Anime Club looks to expand student horizons by exploring various aspects such as Anime (Similar to an American cartoon with attention to artistic detail, and occasionally focusing on deep themes representative of differing life values), manga (Similar to American Comics addressing ideas from minute to complex), art (A culturally different artistic style which has been perfected over generations), and occasionally, learning how to make food (foods can include fish product, but allergies are fully considered!!

Traditional staples, like sushi and onigiri, are eaten and can be taught). While the culture may be vast, exploring the uncharted terrain becomes manageable through the mission’s goal to reinforce the glue of diversity, the love for knowledge, and the enjoyment of student engagement. With these three efforts and a safe space, the opportunity for growth is infinite!