Programs Overview


The school is dedicated to serving the educational and social emotional needs of all students, including: those who are Average, At Risk, have Disabilities, Gifted, and who have been identified as Autistic.

School professional strives to prepare students for productive and successful entry into higher education and the workforce. We belief the future of a democratic and global society lies in the development of the hearts and minds of its children.

 LOWER Elementary Kindergarten tHROUGH 3RD Grades

Learning through Real-Life Experiences

South Florida School of Excellence elementary children explore a rich curriculum that integrates subjects through meaningful, real-life projects. Our instructors strive to create a rich environment in which children are free to explore the joys of learning, and in which they can receive the individual attention needed to reach their full potential.

Upper Elementary 4th through 5th GRADES

Independent Learners in Advanced Studies 

As South Florida School of Excellence expands its upper elementary program, the Montessori approach remains our foundation. Students are independent learners, exploring areas of interest as well as traditional topics of study. Students use Montessori materials, with textbooks to supplement their learning.

Middle School Preparatory 6th through 8th Grade

Through structural project based learning experiences math, reading, grammar/writing, literature, social studies and science are the core subjects of the middle school curriculum. Critical thinking skills become increasingly important at this level of study. Our focus is to thoroughly prepare our students for the four years of high school that lie ahead.

 High School Preparatory 9th through 12th Grade

At our high school level, emphasis is placed on college preparation with required course offerings in english, math, social studies, history, science, foreign languages, the arts, computer education and physical education. Technology is included in all subject areas.

individualized program instructions offered:

 Preparatory Program

Our college prep curriculum is designed to encourage critical thinking with a major emphasis on developing intellectual skills and mastery of content areas.

Summit Program

Academic Intervention Due to a Possible Learning Delay. Summit Program students interact and study as part of the mainstream. South Florida School of Excellence school’s community, while receiving individualized attention and instruction using the Summit Program instructional schedule. 

 Academy Program

Program dedicated to the education of South Florida School of Excellence special needs students with specific learning delay, Autism, Emotional Behavior Disorder and Developmental Delay.

The curriculum is designed to equip students with passion and tools to begin innovative and world changing pursuits after they leave the school and become the contributing member of the society of the 21st century.