Dear Families,

social-distanceOur 5th Quarter Summer Learning Program ended earlier this year because many of our families have taken summer break, and so the classes are operating with few or no students. We have decided to close 2 weeks earlier on Friday July 3rd because of the low participation of our students.

Since there is much to be accomplished for the safe opening of the school year 2020 2021, we are using this time to get prepared for the return of our students.

Following are the procedures South Florida School Of Excellence is carefully taking to make sure our students get safe and welcomed environment free from COVID-19

1. Classroom Bent-Edge Desktop Barriers:

SFSE arranged bent edge transparent barriers to

❖ Provides added protection from respiratory droplets for both students and teachers
❖ Unique bent edge design provides ease in installation and setup for teachers and school facilities personnel
❖ Provides added protection from respiratory droplets for both students and teachers


2. Personal Spacing Discs 20″ diameter Circle Adhesive Foot Print Stop Signs:

classroom-4SFSE is Using social distancing floor markers to provide a visual guide for morning assembly, School Hallways, Locker room, Play area, Class rooms and other areas where students might stand too close together without thinking about it.

3. Hand Sanitizer Stations in Each Classroom and hallways:

sanitizers-1SFSE have installed Alcohol-based hand sanitizers in every classroom, assembly areas and hallways to help to deter the spread of germs and illness-causing bacteria, to Stop the Spread of Germs and COVID-19. Students will be advised by the teachers to wash hand and use hand sanitizers every hour.

4, Personal Face Shields and N95 Masks

faceshields-1SFSE have purchased Face shields and face masks to Protect teachers, employees and therapists from COVID-19 and other virus exposures with their own personal sneeze guard.

5. New Thermal Body Temperature Camera That Identifies Individual Body Temperatures and Non-Contact Thermometer:

❖ With thermal body temperature camera, Adults and kids can be pre-screened for fever as quickly as they can walk through a hallway without any human contact

❖ Non-contact Infrared Thermometer is the most advanced way to detect fever and your most helpful partner at schools. A must-have for all school entrance gates to make sure temperature is monitored and the necessary precautions can be taken accurately.

6. Electrostatic spraying (Disinfecting & Sanitizing Services

School closely picked the best electrostatic spraying technology company and disinfectant products to completely disinfect every surface in the school, even those surfaces you cannot see. We have disinfected both 780 and 3400 locations to welcome our teachers, parents and students in a safe and COVID-19 free environment.


School have also arranged workshops on COVID-19 DO and DON'T for students. As always, we thank you for your support and are open to any suggestions you may have for us, and we look forward to working with all our families for the 2020-2021 school year.


Batul Maniar
MA. ED, MS.ESE, Autism Certified

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