Regular Education Workshops Pre-K 3 to 12th Grades

South Florida School of Excellence workshops are open to Parents, Professionals and Students ages 18 years and up.  Workshops are free of charge and will provide hands-on material and Instruction in both English and Spanish Languages. To reserve your seat please email

(Please note there is no child care available) – All topic dates and location will be announced accordingly for 2021-2022 school year

WORKSHOPS: Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten (Date will be Announced)

Transition to Elementary School informs participants about the elementary school environment and gives them information on child development and the academic standards of kindergarten.

Early Child Development explores various learning styles and gives helpful communication tips for families with young children (up to age 6).

Help Your Child Begin to Read teaches participants practical ways to encourage a love for language through read-aloud, storytelling, and discussion.

Help Your Child Get Ready to Write shows parents how to help children at the beginning stages of writing to connect oral and written language and develop fine motor skills.

Develop Your Child’s Early Math Skills explains the role counting, matching, sorting, patterns, and vocabulary play in mathematical development.

WORKSHOPS: 1st & 2nd Graders (Date will be Announced)

Develop Your Young Reader provides activities to help children practice independent reading, and develop fluency and comprehension.

Writing From the Start teaches participants about the central role literature plays in a young writer’s development and provides activities for home that encourage students to write.

Addition and Subtraction demystifies addition and subtraction computation methods for participants and introduces math vocabulary and word problems.

WORKSHOPS: 3rd, 4th & 5th Graders (Date will be Announced)

Develop and Support Your Reader encourages independent reading skills by sharing strategies parents can use with reluctant readers to improve fluency, comprehension and vocabulary.

Help Your Child Grow as a Writer explains the steps of the writing process, the writing genres students must know, and gives writing activities for home.

Multiplication and Division discusses multiplication and division methods and shows how they can be applied to solve word problems.

Fractions, Decimals and Percentages demonstrate for every day, practical uses of decimals, fractions, and percentages as well methods of calculation.

Geometry explores the study of points, lines, forms and shapes and provides the opportunity to practice activities that reinforce geometric concepts with children.

Help Your Child Prepare for the Florida State Tests explains the format of tests, explores the types of questions asked, and teaches activities to help children prepare for the tests.

Understanding the Next Generation Sunshine State Standards explains what the (NGSSS) are and the changes in academic expectations for students.

Making the Transition to Middle School (4th and 5th Grades) informs participants about middle school choices, the middle school environment, and how to adapt to middle school.


WORKSHOPS: Pre-Kindergarten to 5th Graders (Date will be Announced)

Storytelling and Bookmaking explores how to increase a child’s interest in reading and writing through storytelling, read-aloud, and bookmaking.

Homework Help equips participants to support students with homework, and informs families how to help children become more organized and build healthy study habits and skills.

It is Your Turn focuses on parents’ own education, providing information on earning a GED diploma, pursuing higher education or career training and resources available to help them achieve their goals.

WORKSHOPS: Middle School (Date will be Announced)

Making the Transition to Middle School informs participants about middle school choices, the middle school environment, and how to prepare for the changes children will face during this transition.

Middle School Academic Success: Study Skills and Organization teaches families ways to help students develop the study and organization skills they need to succeed.

Middle School Academic Success: Reading introduces the reading skills students need to master in middle school and gives parents activities to practice with their children at home.

Middle School Academic Success: Writing provides an overview of the genres of written work middle school students must produce and how to support their writing development.

Help Your Child Select a High School Dual Enrollment Programs informs families about the State of Florida school admissions process, the types of high schools, and their selection processes.

Making the Transition to High School helps families understand the high school environment as well as requirements for promotion and graduation.

Support Your Child through Early Adolescence describes the developmental characteristics and behaviors of early adolescence and gives strategies for improving communication in families.

Support and Foster Self-Esteem in Your Adolescent Child introduces the Search Institute’s developmental framework for fostering healthy youth development.

Understanding Bullying teaches parents and caregivers how to talk with their children about bullying and help them actively address bullying behavior at school.

WORKSHOPS: High School (Date will be Announced)

Topics will be posted soon.