July 7th  2020

Dear SFSE Families

We hope this communication finds you in great health and good spirit as we all work to overcome this COVID-19 Pandemic. Our management and staff wish you and your families the best of health and that you remain safe during this time.

It has been our pleasure to have had the opportunity to provide a one of a kind educational experience for your son/daughter for the 2019-2020 school year. Who knew we would have faced such a health challenge and be in need of immediate restructuring to protect and preserve the education of our students. We stepped up to the challenge immediately and took the necessary steps to transition our students to an at-home distance learning experience. The beginning was difficult, but we stuck together as a family and got our students through this difficult experience, and we are ready to do it again for the 2020-2021 school year.



Future changes will be subject to Florida Health and Education Department

  • A split classroom of at-home distance learning to attend 50% core subject classes: math, reading, science at school at school and other 50% e- learning at home (optional) with face to face zoom platform
  • 100% at school learning with remodeled classrooms to support social distancing of 6ft a part with full day at school (optional).
  • 100% online learning from home, view through face to face on zoom platform with classmates and teacher from home (optional).
  • 100% at school or 50% full FLVS online 9th through 12th grade classes face to face on zoom platform
  • Virtual online therapies will be offered for speech, language, occupational and behavioral.
  • Hobby Clubs/ Extracurricular activities offered virtually.
  • Field trips offered virtually.
  • Access to e-book library and e-book learning.
  • Upgraded technology and hands on manipulatives to support at home learning.
  • Daily virtual after school tutoring: Reading and Math.
  • Daily student temperature check upon arrival.
  • Student quarterly Training session on COVID-19 Do’s and DON'TS.
  • Plastic shields for Individual student desks (SOME CLASSES) and around the school.
  • Build-in hand sanitizers around the building.
  • Mandatory Mask for SFSE staff and students in grades KG to 12th Grade.
  • Caring and nurturing teachers.

classroom-covid-freeWith all of these new offerings, we are sure your son/daughter will have an exciting learning experience for the 2020-2021 school year. We are committed to do all that is asked of us by the Florida Department of Education to keep our children safe, and to support the best education possible.

Please be on the lookout for on-going communication on what school changes will be choices for you, and how to get ready for the new school year.

We appreciate your partnership and we will continue to build a bigger and better partnership for our children.

Your Educationally,

Batul Maniar MA. ED, MS.ESE, Autism Certified


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