Unique Learning Systems Login Information



South Florida School Of Excellence is excited to announce the online academic classes to facilitate academic need for our Angel and Nest students. Subjects include [ English, Math, Science and Social Studies].The new learning platform is called Unique Learning Systems. 

The teacher will facilitate the instructions, and the students will show all their assignments on the ULS platform.

We understand that COVID-19, and working parents with school-age children are faced with the challenge of how to ensure that their children are in a safe learning setting while they work—a challenge that is even more daunting for families with low income.

What is Unique Learning Systems?

an award-winning, online, standards-based set of interactive tools specifically designed for students with special needs to access the general curriculum. ULS uses differentiated lesson materials and standard alignments so that the teacher can easily spend more time engaging students

What are the benefits of Unique Learning Systems for my child?

Each student's academic profile in Unique Learning System generates his or her instruction, providing a flexible and adaptable means of understanding the material.

How are the courses delivered?

With Unique Learning System you have full flexibility in how you deliver your instruction. Open lessons with one click from the daily lesson planner (My Plan) on your Dashboard, then display content on whiteboards, computers or tablets, and interact with students in whole-group, small-group or individual settings.

How to Login To Unique Learning Systems:  


Log in to www.n2y.com

It requires your child's SFSE school Login Information 


User Name: KB23647 (uppercase letters, no spaces)
Password: 23647