Learning Systems Login Information


Hello Parents and Caregivers,

Here, you can access information on how to login into your child's iReady Reading and Math system. 

COVID-19 or not, South Florida School of Excellence is always looking for the best options for our students to reach their full potential at all times. For this reason, we have introduced an online learning program for reaching and math that will help students increase their learning capabilities. Teachers will also use the performance data to determine the needs of their students and develop learning opportunities and monitor their progress throughout the school year. 

Students scoring low will receive individual instructions called "Personal Response to Intervention". This will facilitate students' learning in reaching and mathematics. SFSE'S Academic Coach Ms. Isis to support students.

How to login to I-Ready: 

Go To: HTTP://login.i-ready.com/

Gather your child's SFSE School Identification Number (ID) 

Example: child's name, Karla David / Must be written first and last initials of your child name 

Username: KD23647 (upper case letters, no spaces)
Password: pass298

Your child's progress can be easily monitored. Reading and math assessments and weekly/ monthly progress can be requested.

You may be home, but you are not alone!