Learning Systems Login Information



South Florida School Of Excellence is always looking for the best options for its students to reach their highest potential at all times.

NEW ADDITION: Our school has added an online interactive for Reading and Mathematics that will help students increase their learning performance. The students have performed their “Placement Assessment” on reading and will be assessed three times a year to monitor their progress.  

To see your child succeed, I highly encourage you to let your child login for Reading and Mathematical practices for a minimum 2 hours a day. The 1-year license is subscribed to by your child, so let's work on it, before it expires. 

Teachers will also use the performance data to determine their student’s needs and develop learning opportunities and monitor their progress throughout the school year. In addition, to track the daily “i-Ready” mathematics and reading login activities. 

The students who score low will receive individual instructions called "Personal Response To Intervention (PRTI)." To facilitate students' learnings for Reading and Mathematics

*How to Login To I-Ready:  Log in to https://login.i-ready.com/

*Example: Child's name, Sam Tyler / You must type uppercase FIRST and LAST initial of your child's name and the school Grade Link Identification (ID) number

  • Username: ST23647 (uppercase letters and no gaps)
  • Password:   sfse2021 (lowercase letters and no gaps)