Environmental Club


Young people see a problem and are instantly motivated to act. A school environment club gives students the platform they need to take action on the environmental issues they feel passionate about. Channeling student energy and enthusiasm into an environment club will let students take a leadership role in identifying and achieving your school’s environmental goals.

Environmental Club can offer students a wonderful vehicle for gaining positive feelings about the environment and their place in it. This, along with the knowledge and skills that they acquire, can not only give them a tremendous sense of fulfillment but also foster personal qualities that will stay with them all of their life.

Choose a cause. Some good ideas might be something like, "Save the whales!" or "Stop global warming!" the cause should also relate to where you are. For example, 'save the whales' might not be such a good idea if you live 10 hours to the nearest whale location, whereas 'keep our state clean' would work anywhere. But nothing says you can't do more than one cause. Your club could do a different cause every month.

Name your club. This can be as simple as 'The Environmental Club' or as cool as 'Team Environment'. Some words you could use are green, tree-hugger, and, of course, something that relates to your cause. Then you can start accepting members.

Start researching. Now that you have your club, you need to assign days you will get together to study your cause. After the club members are experts on the cause, research places where you can help or protest, depending on your cause.

Find a clubhouse. Your club must have a place where it gets together to have meetings and discuss your projects. It could be in the woods (just don't litter), in someone's room, living room, tree house, or your yard, there are endless possibilities.

Have meetings. Find a time that suits most of your club members (if not all) and talk about possible projects. They could be fund-raisers, cleanups, spreading awareness, it should relate to what you have been researching.

Decide on jobs. Each club member should have a certain job they need to do. Some you could include are recruiter, site administrator, activity manager, Project manager, the President who decides all the meeting times, new members, meeting places, activities, and projects. (The president only decides on them, does not think them up.)